I   creating

online spaces

& conversations

it's all about


past joys

I've written, researched, sold (in person, as a copywriter and as a brand manager); won awards for ads and poetry; moved countries and continents; interviewed people, lead a mag published in three countries; became a mum and started listening to people online, in English and Spanish, in the UK, Europe, the Americas, Australia and Africa. As a co-creation community manager I voiced consumers, and became drawn to people-advocacy.

present joy

I'm a member of UK's

Market Research Society.

I support organisations

with comms, UX writing, research and transcreation.

I created other pages in this website for those trying to make a difference for people and planet. While some work full-time doing that, many more working in the mainstream economy struggle to express their values at work.


So I mapped my favourite people and my favourite products, to sell and to be hired because of values as well as skills.