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I've been called

co-creation community manager



brand manager

head editor



social researcher


I support ethical businesses, entrepreneurs, and change-makers with strategy, content and research.


All my jobs have involved writing, creativity and research in different forms and formats.

I have worked for agencies that served Coca-Cola, Unilever, United Biscuits, Tesco and many others, as a co-creation community manager in UK and, previously, as an advertising copywriter in Argentina.

I have lead a magazine published in three countries and done creative work for NGOs.

I'm also a good cultural translator English-Spanish due to my life in London, Buenos Aires and Barcelona, my social sciences background, and my interest in diversity and equal opportunities for all.

Forests and dogs are my refuge.

I've been read
English & Spanish in




The Netherlands







South Africa


Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio!

Branding & website

haute-couture seamstress who teaches Venetian, Historic & Steampunk design.


Logo for PositiveMama-HypnoBirthing

website for a coach who works for a UK's Lawn Tennis Association's Performance-Centre, the only one in England to be based in a public park.

tit-shirts collection

designed for a feminist shop.

Equality Movement Campaign

Linkedin recommendation by the leader of the project.

EqualityMovement Campaign

A voluntary project by advertising and research specialists to influence politicians' priorities prior to 2015's UK General Elections.

co-creation community manager

I'm an ex member of UK's Market Research Society. Once I get given the participants' journey and data required in each task, I write all the copy required, from tasks to interactions. I ensure participants share fully and clients listen to them. This community worked with young Europeans and Africans.

co-creating with readers

I enjoy customising private communities' platforms to create inspiring environments that encourage participants' self-expression. I have managed communities for Coca-Cola, United Biscuits, Scottish Blend, Clorox, Skip, Trident, Nair, Scholl, Irnbru, Finish, Puma and TVL, among others.

UK community for a sports brand

I managed university students co-creating for topics as diverse as insurance, sports and music. I have managed communities in English and Spanish in the UK, the Americas, Africa and Australia.

Damon Albarn-Gorillaz interview

I have written for magazines and newspapers in Spain, The Netherlands, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

I was hired to give a name to the collective platform formed by women's NGOs and feminist groups in The Netherlands. WO=MEN is still being used to represent them.

Interview to Defensores del Chaco's founders for a Dutch's NGO's mag.


I lived and worked in Barcelona for 3 years.

nipiu brand manager

I ran a Barcelona's artist's showroom with sculpture and one-off furniture pieces, and I was also in charge of its branding, catalogue and online presence. The website was made in 2003 and was kept online until 2018.

Buenos Aires
Cybrel president and founder

URL mag was a business unit of an internet and record company founded by famous Apple Master and Latin rock star turned environmentalist, Charly Alberti. I was hired to renew its contributors, its design and content.

URL mag

In my period as head editor and project leader, this Argentinean magazine expanded to Mexico and Chile, as well as being distributed in Uruguay.

art+biology: interview to Imperial College (London) artist in residence Marta De Menezes on her first biological artwork, Nature?, in which she modified the wing patterns of live butterflies.

special on Ars Electronica, Austria

As head editor of URLmag I used to introduce Latam audiences to cutting-edge events and practices around internet culture.

interview to a trans sex worker
winner of 2LondonInternationalAwards
fun for all ages, at the green

award 2a Bienal de Arte Joven Buenos Aires:

published in a poetry anthology
award Fempress Chile
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